ERIC GAGNE-Frontman,Bass & Lead Vocal 

Eric has been in the Music Scene for over 30+ years and has played in such Bands as Why Not,Toxic Shock,Hot Tub Pirahas & Resonant Soul.

Eric was involved in the Portsmouth,NH Original Music Scene with the Funk Style Band Moonking.

Eric has a lot of experience in the Studio working with Various Artists from NH & Maine.

Eric has been fronting Deja Voodoo since it's start in 2012 and you are sure to enjoy his antics on stage interacting with the Crowds at all the Shows.

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RUSTY CROWE-Drummer,Percussion,Back Up Vocals

Rusty has been playing Drums most of his life, starting in original bands in his hometown of Philadelphia,PA and continuing in original and cover bands since moving to the Boston.MA area in 2006. Playing countlesss shows and recording sessions over the Years has helped Rusty build a reputation as a solid and dependable professional behind the kit.His Goal is to play just what the song requires and keep the audience moving all night long.He keeps busy playing whenever, where ever and with whomever he can.

He "Lives to Play "and has found a new home playing and singing with Deja Voodoo in 2020.

You can learn more by checking him out at

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DAVE THORNDIKE-Guitars,Back Up Vocals

Dave has been playing guitar since he was a teenager & has learned by listening to the Greats:  Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Ritchie Blackmore, David Gilmore & Gary Moore.

He has played in the Bands: Obsession,Frenzy & Essex in the Big 80's

The Powerball Junkies,TripZero,Random Act & Tripwire more recently and was an orginal member of Deja Voodoo since its inception in 2012.

Dave learned Guitar by Ear so his Attention to detail is Keen.He always strives to Deliver a High Energy & Heart Felt Performance to a Live Audience with Passion & Feel while keeping close to the signature Guitar Licks & Tone of the Original Artists while adding in just enough to make it his own.

You will be sure to Enjoy a Great Night of Dancing & High Energy Music with Dave and Deja Voodoo.

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